3 Days Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours With Dirt Bike
Adventure of a lifetime

3 Days Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours With Dirt Bike


After breakfast, we bike from Ha Giang’s starting point to the Quyet Tien fair. We have an excellent opportunity to view the gorgeous environment of the most winding slopes here called Bac Son while riding through the Ha Giang circle. After that, we’ll take you on an exciting off-road adventure to Heaven Gate, Co Tien couple mountain, and Tam Son town.

We will not take the typical on-road routes offered by other Vietnamese operators on our way to Heaven Gate. Instead, we’ll go for a difficult but entertaining course. We’ll need a dirt bike or an enduro bike to tackle these stretches of road. If it rains, we could have to drive for several hours to get to our destination. However, it also provides us with unforgettable experiences. Only when traveling with BM Travel can you enjoy such an outstanding off-road trip.

After the bumpy ride, we stop in Quan Ba for lunch before continuing our motorbike adventure to Lung Khuy cave. Today’s highlight is the rare opportunity to bike through highland settlements. We immerse ourselves in the cultural environment of the Red Dao people after taking a ride to Nam Dam village. Lung Tam village, on the other hand, gives us a unique experience of brocade weaving, a Vietnamese traditional skill that has been practiced for a long time and is employed as a means of survival for the H’mong ethnic people.

We have a fascinating off-road ride through deep jungle and remote mountain communities to explore the real Vietnam after visiting various villages for cultural experiences.

We arrive at the homestay in Yen Minh in the afternoon. Rest here and prepare for the expedition the next day.


Our journey starts with a ride to Tham Ma pass. There will be nothing unusual about traversing this pass if you stick to the standard national roads. However, your experience will be much more interesting if you travel with BM Travel Adventure and see every area of the Dong Van plateau. The trip over single tracks with various gaping abysses and quarry stones will provide you with the most exciting thrills. However, because to the difficult hurdles, not every rider will be able to complete this journey. It is only suitable for individuals with extensive expertise riding dirt bikes and going on enduro rides.

Along the trip, you’ll learn about the lives of White H’mong people in Lung Cam hamlet before seeing Pao’s house, which served as the inspiration for the popular Vietnamese film “Pao’s Story.” This antique home attracts not only Vietnamese tourists but also foreign visitors.

We continue the ride to the King’s Palace, where we can appreciate the palace’s unique design and hear the narrative of the H’mong King, who controlled the drug trafficking route in the 19th and 20th centuries.

After that, we move to Lung Cu flagpole, visit Lo Lo village and have lunch here before experiencing more enduro ride on the way to Dong Van town.

We will arrive at Dong Van in the late afternoon. Check in at the hotel and have dinner before spending your night at Dong Van Old Quarter, which gets sparkling with lanterns. It will be interesting to enjoy some cold beer while contemplating the bustling street.


After leaving Dong Van, we head for a ride along the Ma Pi Leng pass, which is every professional biker’s fantasy road on the way to Ha Giang. Despite its short length, this route conceals numerous perils due to rugged cliffs on one side. It’s difficult but exciting for adventure seekers.

We’ll stop for lunch in Yen Minh before returning to Ha Giang and wrapping up your tour here.